Christ​ ​the​ ​King​ ​Community​ ​Daycare/Pre-School Managed by New Generation Kids LLC

We would like to welcome you back to another wonderful school year. Our Annual Back to School night will be Thursday, September 14, 2017 from 6 to 7 pm. Back to school night gives you the opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and assistant teacher. They will go through your child’s schedule. Please remember that this is not the time for a one on one conference regarding your child. When you receive your child’s progress report in late January, you are welcome to schedule a meeting or phone conference with your child’s teacher. If you feel that you need to meet with the teacher sooner than that, you can always call and make an appointment. We look forward to seeing you.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Dorothy Wagner – Education Director

Fran Rafanelli – Assistant Director